About us

Rhodes Hippotherapy Center ”Therapevin” is a non-profit organization and it is not dependent on any other public or private profit-making organizations.

The goals of the organization are:

  • To provide non-profitable, charitable and voluntary help and riding opportunities to disabled people, especially children, in Greece.
  • To provide Equine Assisted treatments in which the horse is not used as an object. Indicatively, equine assisted treatments are:
  1. Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding, in collaboration with physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.
  2. Educational therapeutic riding / vaulting, practiced by psychologists, educators, special education teachers.
  3. Equine assisted psychotherapy practiced by mental health professionals trained for this purpose.
  • To inform citizens about the benefits of therapeutic riding for people with disabilities, as well as the general promotion of therapeutic riding as a means of psychosomatic treatment and of social inclusion of these people in society.
  • To promote the natural way of training, treating and managing horses. To create and promote a new way of training people when dealing with horses and horseback riding.
  • To promote training horses through positive reinforcement , which is achieved by enhancing the positive/desired behavior of the horse by observing its non-functional behaviors, understanding the causes of the behavior and then by drawing conclusions – suggestions, which will lead to a solution through appropriate exercises.
  • To advise in order to achieve a relationship of harmony between the horse and the owner as well as achieve personal growth with the help of the horse.