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Rhodes Riding Club “Kadmos” was created in 1996 and since the year 2000 it is located in the privately owned facilities of the founder Lakis Chatzivasiliou, on 12 acres of land.
It is situated within a picturesque landscape just 10 km from Rhodes town and it is ideal not only for horseback riding, but also for visitors who would like to explore nature.

The club is a member of the Greek Riding Federation and so its athletes have the right to participate in competitions and races organized by the Federation or by other member riding clubs.

Lakis Chatzivasiliou

Lakis Hatzivassiliou is the creator,  the president, the horse and rider trainer, the farrier and even the practical veterinarian of “Kadmos” Riding Club, which he created with a lot of personal work and love for the horses. With many years of experience in the field and significant awards in dressage and carriage races he always keeps proper training and the well-being of the horses a priority . Through his club, many  athletes have become Greek National and Balkan champions.. He was the manager and trainer of Rhodes Mounted Municipal Police since the year of its establishment in 1996.

Amalia Antoniadou

Amalia is a philologist and a special educator who graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. With years of experience with children with special needs she is the co-founder and the vice president of ”Therapevin – Rhodes Hippotherapy Center”. She started the organization of therapeutic riding in Rhodes because of her love for children with disabilities. Over the past two years she has been constantly training on Equine Assisted Therapy through seminars as well as horse riding at Kadmos Riding club, where her therapy horses are being hosted. She works as a special educator at the EEE.EK (special school) of Rhodes.

Natalie Orfanidi

Natalie is a Physical Therapist who graduated from TEI Of Athens.

She currently works for ”Med life” rehabilitation center. She has been around horses since she was 13 years old when she first started riding at Kadmos Riding Club with Lakis Chatzivasiliou as her teacher. She has attended various seminars regarding riding, horsemanship , proper communication with the horse and equine assisted therapy.She has been a volunteer for ”Therapevin- Rhodes Hippotherapy Center” since the day it was founded.

Tsambika Mustaka

Tsambika is a graduate of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of the Aegean. She has attended seminars and training programs related to Special Education and Equine-Assisted Therapy. She has been involved in horses and athletic riding since she was 13 years old and has exceled in equestrian competitions organized by the Hellenic Equestrian Federation, including the Development Tournament in 2018 and the Panhellenic Games in 2019.

George Antonopoulos

George is a sociologist who finished his studies at the University of Rethymno in Crete. He has also studied  psychoanalysis at the New Lakian School of Psychoanalysis in Heraklion, Crete. He has been counseling for two years during his studies, and has attended a variety of psycho-social seminars. He specializes in social exclusion, social inclusion and violence in the workplace. He is also a social researcher and counselor for social mental health. He belongs to the Psycho-social Care Group of the 95 ADDE army unit in the south of Rhodes, as well as the research team of the University of Crete’s department of Sociology. He has recently been awarded by the Army Chief.  You can read more about George Antonopoulos on his personal site.

Areti Manolaki

Areti is a Primary Education Teacher, a graduate of the University of the Aegean with a postgraduate specialization in Special Education from the University of Nicosia in collaboration with the University of Patras. In recent years she has been working as a teacher in both general and special education. She attends the seminar “Teaching Greek as a second/foreign language” by the university of the Aegean. She voluntarily offers her services to “Therapevin” since August 2019.

Vasiliki Manolaki

Vasiliki is a primary education teacher, graduate of the University of Crete. She has attended special education seminars and has completed her postgraduate studies in issues related to Environmental Education in conjuncion with Special Education. In recent years she has been working as a teacher of parallel support to primary school children with learning difficulties. She has volunteered at “Therapevin” since January 2020.

Despina Zorzou

Despina is in the final years of study as a kindergarden teacher at the Department of Preshool Education and Educational Planning of the University of the Aegean. She also attends a certified special education seminar. She loves our horses and our work and volunteers to help the “Healing” team.

Anastasia Velecheri

Anastasia is a graduate of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of the Aegean, specializing in “Special Education – Learning Disabilities” and “Special Education and Training: Diagnostics, Therapeutic, Counseling” from the University of Athens EKPA. She is familiar with the Braille reading and writing system and is constantly trained in seminars related to special education and training. She also holds a master’s degree in “Science Teaching and Information and Communication Technologies in Education: Inderdisciplinary Approach” from the University of Aegean, while she also has specialized in “Therapeutic Equestrian and Hippotherapy, through the HippoKinisio-Education Rehabilitation (Hi.KER) approach” acquired at the Varibobi Equestrian Club.

Michalis Paraskevas

Michalis is a Physiotherapist, graduate of the Metropolitan College of Athens. As Part of his internship he worked in several rehabilitation centers and clinics in Athens such as Philoktiti, Anaplasi and the Metropolican General. He has worked at IASO in the maternity clinic with children with neurologiac problems. He has attended several seminars, one of which was the Fundamentals of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation using the Ttool. he voluntarily offers his services to “Therapevin”.

Anastasios Barianos

Anastasios is a Informatics Engineer, graduate of the TEI of Crete and post graduate student at the Hellenic Mediterranean University. He participates in the research team of NILE Lab, part of the AISE Lab. His research interests include educational games and the accessibility of digital games. he has been participating in “Therapevin” since August 2019, helping with technology and horses.